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VICE Noisey Interview: Coffee, Pie and Death with Chelsea Wolfe



Does the queen of darkness take her coffee black? How does it feel being the dream woman of metalheads and goths alike? These are the questions I ask myself regularly about Chelsea Wolfe, the Northern California singer whose ghoulish melodies are as uncanny and dread-inducing as the veil she occasionally wears while performing.

Wolfe’s dusky melodies inevitably resonate with a sense of apocalyptic doom, but are still rooted in the strums of country ballads that win over our blackened hearts time and time again. Currently she’s touring to support the release of her latest, a collection of sparse acoustic tracks entitled Unknown Rooms.

Over ‘50s surf rock tunes on the radio and a delightful slice of quiche at DC’s most darling pie shop, Dangerously Delicious, I had a delightful conversation with Chelsea about tour tats, haunted houses, the mystique of death and driving an ex-prison van around the country.

Thanks for trekking out here on your day off from tour to eat pie with me.
No problem. I got to sleep in late, then I think we’re going to try and find somewhere to go and spend the day. I was actually looking for a tattoo parlor.

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Vice’s Noisey: Video Interview with Chelsea Wolfe

We sat down with Goth-inspired singer/songwriter/general badass Chelsea Wolfe in LA to talk about the perils of public transportation and the intimacy of recording alone. 

Featuring the song “Appalachia”  from her new album, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs. - By Noisey