Chelsea Wolfe

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When Chelsea Wolfe is giving it all that she’s got, as on big, string-laden anthems like “House of Metal” and “The Waves Have Come,” it’s like her voice also contains something of a whisper within it, a tinge of breathy spaciousness that feels somehow kinesthetically continuous with the wide open, natural vistas that she’s singing about. Her voice is less the human focal point of her new album, Pain Is Beauty, though, than the LP’s instrumental center, the defining atmospheric element in a churning pool of moods and melodies that seems to always be on the verge of drowning in its own romantic oblivion—until it suddenly throws you for a new turn, that is. I spoke to Wolfe about her departure from the acoustic arrangements of her last full-length effort, Unknown Rooms, and why pain can be beautiful sometimes. The album is out now via Sargent House.

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FADER: Chelsea Wolfe Live at Grand Street Bakery “Boyfriend”


On a cold day last month, Chelsea Wolfe came to Grand Street Bakery to warm up and serenade us with her beautiful, raw voice.  She gently plucked her guitar and sang “Boyfriend,” taken from album Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs, along with some vocal and violin accompaniment.